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Black Blouse Variation

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In July I made a Lucinda blouse from Be My Goth patterns. The pattern had required a small amount of black fabric for the collar. I had bought this online from Truro fabrics. Of course this meant that although I only needed enough fabric for the collar, when you buy on line you have to buy in metre or half-metre lengths. I decided to buy enough black fabric to make not only the collar, but also another blouse.

It had taken me a long time to make the original Lucinda blouse as it had quite complicated sleeves and a fancy lace collar.

Lucinda blouse diagram

This time I’m going for a simpler short-sleeved version. The instructions for the short-sleeved version were quite brief:

1. Sew the cuff, so it’s a circle – fold it and iron it.
2. Sew it onto the sleeve, and serge/zigzag the seam allowance. 🙂

I wasn’t exactly sure what to do from the instructions, so I just pressed the sleeve cuff by folding it in half length-wise. Then I pressed it again folding each side to the middle fold. I then stitched it to form a circle. The cuff could then be attached to the sleeve, just as I would attach bias-binding. Anyway, right or wrong, it seemed to resemble the picture of the short-sleeved version!

Short Sleeve Version

My next dilemma is the collar. I’ve decided to make a plain mandarin collar. I already have another blouse pattern with a standing collar and I’m going to use this as a guide. I’ll post about that once I’ve attached the collar.

Mandarin Collar

It has certainly been good to use the Lucinda blouse pattern again. I haven’t managed to make many repeats so far. I suppose as I continue to make clothes that will happen more. I also like the idea of each garment looking at least slightly different. For this reason, I’m fond of patterns that have more than one view. This way I get all the advantages of creating a new garment using things I’ve learned from its predecessor, but get to challenge myself with the variations.

Sadly, Parnuuna had to give up Be My Goth patterns since my last post about this pattern. There are plans, last time I looked, to get the site up and running again under different management. I’m hoping to see it again soon. I have certainly enjoyed the unique style of her patterns.


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