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Grey Corduroy Moss Skirt


My makes have been a little on hold for the last few weeks. I’ve been working away from home and I didn’t fancy trying to lug my sewing machine half-way across the country. Think it may have got some funny looks in the hotel too! Anyway, it’s taken me a while but I have finally finished my Grainline Moss Skirt.

I chose a pale grey corduroy and decided to make view B, the slightly longer version with the additional hem bands. But as always I found myself making a collection of additional changes. First of all, I made some fit adjustments. I notice that on other blogs people have been calling their adjustment by three letter acronyms. So, FBA is full bust adjustment etc. So here I have the NWA , or “no-waist adjustment”! I don’t know anyone else who does this adjustment, but it basically means making the ratio between the hips and waist smaller. I might add more ease at the side seams like with this skirt, or I may make shallower darts – whatever fits with the pattern.

Moss skirt

Next, I decided to sew the yoke, centre back and centre front seams flat felled. I hadn’t experimented with this type of seam before, and after an initial wobbliness I think I got them reasonably straight. I also added some contrast top-stitching in a dark grey to the fly zipper and waistband. In retrospective, I think it would have been great to add this to the flat felled seams too, but I wasn’t feeling confident enough for that. After all, there is quite a contrast between my top-stitching and the fabric and this would have looked awful if it was wobbly. I think it was a good compromise. Looking at the end result, I would have liked some top-stitching on the pockets too.

Moss Skirt - close-up

Moss Skirt

I also added a skirt lining in cotton. I may add some belt loops, but I’ll see how I feel when I wear it. It is designed to sit below the waist so my usual problem of skirts sliding down and sitting at the hips won’t apply and the belt loops may not be needed.

Apologies for this photo. I tucked the top in so that it’s easy to see the skirt,  but the waist just looks weird. I’ll take some more photos tomorrow with a better choice of top.


Moss Skirt

And an extra photos here, as promised with a better top:

Moss Skirt - Autumn Day

Moss Skirt - Autumn Day 3

I think this will be a great skirt to wear over tights and just right for the approaching autumn weather. I can see myself making another couple of these, in denim or cotton sateen.  Perhaps I’ll even be brave with my top-stitching next time.


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15 thoughts on “Grey Corduroy Moss Skirt

  1. Oh! How cute! Great job with the adjustments! Also great work with the top stitching! I used to avoid top stitching Until I discovered the edge joining foot! It has a small metal guard that keeps your stitches clean and close to the edge. I love it! I have used it on curves and corners with no problems. It gave me a lot more confidence and now I’m more than happy to add cute top stitch to garments. I think this skirt will really come in handy this fall!

    • That’s a great idea, thanks for the tip. I’m always quite cautious buying new feet for sewing machine as it is an old singer. I’ll have to do some research to see if I can find anything. And you’re right, top stitching gives a lovely finish to a garment!

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