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Stepford Wife’s Apron


I’m quite a messy cook., I have to admit No matter how hard I try I just end up getting covered in flour when I’m baking. I thought that perhaps it was time to make myself an apron.

In the first Sewing Bee book, is a cook’s apron and I thought I’d have a go at sewing that. I think it’s a little bit frilly, but I thought with the right fabrics it might look fun. I chose a print with bright red apples on it. I thought this would look fun and culinary! This is the first pattern I have made from the book. The book was a Christmas present, and I really should have got round to trying out the patterns long before now!

I’m quite lazy so I just reproduced the pattern by measuring the scale-drawing in the book. I couldn’t be bothered to print it from the internet. Getting it printed at a print shop just seemed like a silly expense for such a simple pattern.

I soon realised as I tried to put it together that something was amiss, but quickly figured out that they had mis-labelled the “bib” and “bib lining” pieces in the scale drawing to be the other way round. I checked online and the labels were correct. It was easy to fix seeing as I was cutting the bib and its lining from the same fabric.

What is it about sewing books though? Do I mysteriously always pick the project with the problems? Having read the review on Amazon I think I got off lightly with the minor error in this project. Some of the reviews were quite harsh. I would like to try some of the other patterns in the book, but from the reviews that might be a little tricky. Am I just bad at picking sewing books, are there actually some out there that are properly edited?

Anyway, back to the project. I made the waistband and the skirt frill from some old black fabric I had in my stash. The final touch was some rather nice linen bias binding in cream to finish the skirt edges.

Stepford Apron

Stepford Apron Trim

Still can’t believe that it turned out that frilly. I didn’t set out to make something dainty and sweet. Just reminds me a little of the Stepford Wives. I’ll just cook up a casserole and take it round to my new neighbours….

Stepford Wife


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3 thoughts on “Stepford Wife’s Apron

  1. I so need a new apron. I think a frilly apron is a rather perfect garment to help us all to live up to our stereotype!

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