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The Inspiration for my Fashion Show Designs


I thought I’d just write a little bit about what inspired my designs for the Weaving Destination fashion show. My two garments had working names; the Rimini top and the Lido skirt.

The Rimini Top

The idea for this top had been in my head for a while. I had wanted to make a halter neck top to serve as a summer top and also be glamorous enough to be worn on warm summer evenings (which we have had this year in the UK!) I made a toile a while ago in some nasty polyester habotai. I found I had to fine-tune the dimensions for the shirred back panel to get this to fit snugly, and this test version also allowed me to put together some decent step-by-step instructions which I could follow for my next attempt in some nicer fabric.

Habotai Toile

It was then that I saw Debi’s post about the fashion show I decided immediately to enter. I was keen to promote such a great social enterprise that supports communities and produces amazing ethically-sourced fabric. I was struck by the vibrant colours of the fabrics and felt that my summery design could work well in the fabric.


I did make one change to the neckline, when I realised that pleats would work better on the heavier cotton fabric that the gathering I had done on the habotai version. With a toile already under my belt, I knew that I could create another version of my top reasonably quickly.

The Lido Skirt

A old ready-to-wear skirt was the inspiration or rather the impetus for the wrap skirt design. I  wore the skirt quite regularly until I was rushing to the train (I can see a theme emerging here, see previous post,, I really must stop rushing around especially in inappropriate footwear). Anyway, I fell over and the wrap, unwrapped, so to speak and there was a nasty underwear exposure moment. Even before this incident I had grappled with the risqué nature of this skirt, although not in such dramatic fashion.

The wrap skirt I’ve made is quite different, but it came about from the desire to create a wrap skirt that was malfunction-proof! There were several things that I think have contributed to the “safety” of this skirt. Firstly, it is more fitted around the hips with darts at the front and back. Secondly, there are two button fastenings, again contributing to a snugger fit around the hips. Next, there is a fair degree of overlap on the wrap and finally, just heavier fabric and a lining, just mean that the wrap is less likely to be taken by the wind.

Top and Skirt

I was just writing this when I came across Sally from Capital Chic’s interesting post about her Weaving Destination entry here. Her inspiration is a fascinating read, do take a look.


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2 thoughts on “The Inspiration for my Fashion Show Designs

  1. Ciao, il tuo blog è molto interessante, ti seguo da ora e parliamo in futuro forse per una collaborazione. A presto!

  2. Grazie, sono contenta che hai trovato il mio blog interessante. Scusa se ti rispondo in ritardo, sono stata in vacanza in Italia! Spero che possiamo fare una collarazione nel futuro.

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