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To toile or not to toile

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I have a confession to make…..I’ve never bothered making a toile before. I suppose there are a number of reasons.

  • The patterns may have a loose fit like Butterick B5357
  • The pattern is very simple and just takes a couple of easy measurements, such as the Collette Sorbetto top
  • I think the measurements are enough and I’m too lazy to bother with any test garment. Definitely used this technique for my classic trousers

So why make a toile for this shirt? In a nutshell it scared me, there were 22 pieces of fabric to stitch together and I wasn’t taking any chances!

Lucinda blouse diagram

First of all, I did some extensive measuring. The pattern is available as a PDF only, but I must confess that in some ways I prefer PDF patterns. Generally, after I’ve printed them out, I trace my size onto tracing paper including all my adjustments and, in this case, the seam allowance (which isn’t included on any Be My Goth patterns). This way I don’t forget to add my adjustments and I have a customised pattern that I can go back to.

I made the expected adjustments for my odd shape – a slightly broader back and a little extra at the side seams to gracefully accommodate a little belly roundness!

I then made a toile just including the bodice. You may recognise the fabric – I used it to make a wrap dress last year and I had quite a bit left over. It fit pretty well. The photo isn’t great as I’m holding it on. I didn’t feel like trying to pin myself into it again just for the sake of the photo! I was actually quite taken with my toile and I may get round to finishing it off some time. I do like the idea of making a “wearable toile”, that way I’m not wasting fabric. I may not have enough fabric to do the sleeves, but perhaps I could make a sleeveless version with a white collar. Would look quite chic, I reckon?

Lucinda blouse toile

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