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MMM Week 3: On wardrobe size

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Week 3 and I’m still managing to carry on with wearing my me-made items. I just keep forgetting to photograph my outfits, hence I’m a little late with this post. Some repeats have crept into this week’s wardrobe but that is inevitable with its smallish size.


This week I have been pondering the question of wardrobe size. I wonder, what is the ideal size for a wardrobe? There have been a number of different projects around on the internet on this topic.

The six items or less challenge seems rather radical. This is I suppose a challenge, rather than a basis for the ideal wardrobe. There’s more about this here

Alternatively, there is Project 333. Here the proposal is that your wardrobe consists of 33 items for 3 months. The count includes outerwear, shoes, clothing and accessories, but not sleepwear or underwear. This is far more realistic as far as a wardrobe goes. I would go as far as to say that the 33 items could probably cover half a year or even a year. Your clothes would get a good rotation and there would be scope for choosing different wear for social occasions, work and more casual attire.

Another concept that I found interesting is the idea of optimal frequency of wear. You suggest how frequently you wish to wear an item and then calculate your optimal number of shirts or trousers. For example, if you set your optimal frequency for shirts to be 8 times a year, then your optimal number of shirts is 45. This example is taken from the Recovering Shopaholic website. I must admit I find the idea of that many shirts overwhelming, but maybe I have that many in my wardrobe (half of which I don’t wear!)

I’m not sure it is good to obsess completely on the numbers, though. I am particularly impressed with the Wardrobe Architect Series from Sarai at Colette Patterns. The series started at the beginning of the year (I guess to tie in with New Year resolutions). I’d only just started my sewing journey at the time and I didn’t feel that it was quite the right time for me to join in. The series examines your style, your colour palette and lots more besides. It concentrates on crafting a wardrobe that reflects who you are. Perhaps I need to take a more serious look at this strategy, now that I feel more confident in my abilities to create new clothes.


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