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A Woolly Creation

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At the weekend, I was very pleased to get a look at the first showing of Briswool. Briswool is a project to knit, crochet and needle-felt, the city of Bristol including the iconic buildings of the city and other landmarks. More than 100 people across the city have been involved in some way.


Paper Village, the art and craft shop was entirely taken over by the growing woolly landscape. There was the famous Clifton suspension bridge, and the Matthew, the ship that took John Cabot to Newfoundland. The cathedral sat alongside the river and a mass of crocheted hot-air balloons were suspended around Concorde. I was particularly enthralled by the needle-felt penguins in the zoo and the crafty fox making an appearance out of the crochet bushes on Brandon Hill.

Regretfully, I am not a knitter, but I would dearly like to take part and make a small part of this magical woolly creation. The project isn’t finished yet, so I’ve still got a chance.





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  1. This is terrific! Thank you so much for sharing.

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