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MMM Week 2: On creating a lifestyle for my wardrobe and not a wardrobe for my lifestyle

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It’s week 2 and here are three me-made or refashioned items. Outfit 1 is a dress I made last year using Butterick B5898. I’m not completely satisfied with it as I’m not convinced the fit is great. But it is wearable and I have sported it to work quite a few times, including this week.

For this week’s thoughts I’ve written a little whether I try to create a lifestyle for my wardrobe or a wardrobe for my lifestyle.

This is such an easy trap to fall into. I’ve tried to be conscious of this when I choose new patterns and styles. My life isn’t a whirl of cocktail parties and red-carpet events (sadly), so I have been very careful to steer clear of making occasional wear which will in fact become “never-wear”.

Even so I have managed to create a me-made wardrobe that doesn’t quite reflect what I generally wear. It seems that I have been making an almost exclusively summer wardrobe. I would dearly love the weather in the UK to be better, or ideally live on the Mediterranean. It’s May and last weekend I switched the heating back on. Perhaps I was just being a wimp, but there were 60 mph winds! With Me-Made-May I’m forcing myself to wear all those sleeveless and short-sleeves tops (brrr…). I do hate to cover them up under jackets and jumpers, it’s such a shame. So in the coming month I need to address this imbalance and at least make something long-sleeved.


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One thought on “MMM Week 2: On creating a lifestyle for my wardrobe and not a wardrobe for my lifestyle

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