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May Quick Make – Train trip bracelet

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I made a foray into new territory this month by trying out some macrame. This isn’t a craft that gets much attention these days.

I decided to make a very simple friendship-style bracelet, and selected an easy type of knot, known as the Spring Sinnet or slipknot. My main reason for choosing this knot was that I wanted to make this bracelet during a long train trip that I had coming up for work. Some macrame knots require a work surface or project board and pins or tape to hold the work in place. I’m not sure that anything using pins is a good idea on the train (although I have seen people sewing on train journeys). The Spring sinnet can be held in your hand as you work and needs no pinning in place, so it’s ideal as a “train trip” project.

Train Trip Bracelet


You will need:

2mm cord (I used a satin cord, commonly known as rat-tail
A bead
Measuring tape

1. Measure your wrist to get an idea of the length you wish your finished bracelet to be. Make sure it isn’t too tight or too loose (slips off your wrist)

2. Next multiply that length by 12 to calculate the length of cord needed. (For example, if you would like to make your bracelet xx long, then the length of cord needed will be xxcm)

3. Next make the decorative knots. Roughly 10 cm from one end, make a loop. The longer end is called the working end and new knots are added to this end of the cord.

Train Trip Bracelet -Step1

4. Fold the working end and post it through the loop from below. This forms what is know as a “bight”. Pull on the bight to tighten the knot.

Train Trip Bracelet - Step2

5. Once the knot is tight, pass the working end through the new loop you’ve created from below. Pull it most of the way through, but leave enough to form the next loop.

Pull on the area just below the first knot, to tighten the bight.
You can reduce the size of the next loop by pulling on the working end.

Train Trip Bracelet - Step3

6. Finally flip the knot to keep the working end on the right.

7. Add a new loop by passing the working end through the previous loop from the back. 

Train Trip bracelet - Step 4

8. Once you’ve make enough length required for the finished bracelet a final knot needs to be added. For the last knot, just pull the working end all the way through the loop.

9. To make a clasp for the bracelet, pass both ends through a bead. Tie a knot in each of the ends to make sure the bead stays in place.


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