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While rummaging in a charity shop the other day I found this great sewing book from the seventies.. I was drawn to it because it is a fairly comprehensive guide to sewing techniques. There is everything from inserting zips to pattern adjustments. It’s really just what I need to take my sewing up a level.

However, I think I did buy it for entertainment value too! The seventies fashions in here bring a smile to my face, anyway!

There’s a charming lady on the front cover.  I didn’t notice until today that even her necklace is sewing equipment, being reels of thread. Not quite sure why she is smiling so readily as I’d be worried sporting that collection of lethal objects on my hat!

Seventies Simplicity book cover

Anyway, just a small sample of the delights inside:

With this dress, sadly I can’t get past the fabric print. That stamped metal print just reminds me too much of a man-hole covers.

Is this a dress or a manhole cover?

Is this a dress or a manhole cover?

Next up, the toweling bikini in bright yellow. I do recall wearing one of these as a child, but of course, in brown, . Who’s idea was it to turn this fabric known for its absorptive qualities into swim-wear? I remember being weighed down in the water by my swimming costume and emerging from the water had to be done with great care given the weight of the lower half. Such a joy wearing it; felt like soggy nappy!

Toweling bikini

Now these dresses I could like! the pink maxi dress in particular is very elegant.

Maxi evening dresses

And camouflaged in Kew Gardens…..surely it’s possible to have too much of one fabric?

Camouflaged at Kew

And finally, wait for it…








….the matching family outfits.

I could just imagine my son’s look of horror at the very suggestion. This little boy, has clearly been bribed to wear that floral shirt, with a large burger.

Bribed at the barbecue

What lovely dungarees in primary colours!

Matching dungarees

And trimmed with rick-rack? What ever happened to rick-rack? I remember having a lovely party dress trimmed with rick-rack.

Rick-rack aprons

Hope you’ve enjoyed reminiscing with me. Which one’s your favourite?

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