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Look what I bought!

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The other week, on my day off, I was in town and I went into Fabric Land. It’s not a place I visit much as I can’t manage to get there in my lunch hour – it’s too far.

Anyway, I went a bit mad and bought quite a few things. But all for £6.46!

The plain blue fabric was a remnant and is a wool blend. I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do with it. It’s almost a metre so perhaps it could make a decent skirt.

The Petersham’s tape I’ve already used to make the matching covered belt for my silk skirt.

I also bought this craft fabric. It’s a jolly print that reminds me of summer holidays. I’m planning a few travel-orientated makes so this fabric will come in handy for that.

I was also tempted by this stuff called “Lamifix Vilene”. Apparently, this can be ironed onto any fabric to provide it with a waterproof covering. This definitely has exciting potential. All sorts of possible projects have sprung to mind. Just need a spare evening to get started on this.

Fabric Land buys

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