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I’m sewing a skirt – Part 1


For my next project I have decided to sew a simple skirt. I’m keen to make a skirt that fits well and found that Deby at So Sew Easy has written a wonderful tutorial on this very subject.

I started out by drafting my custom fit pattern. This was relatively easy to do, but I did find I have so little in the way of waist that I had to adapt even these custom-fit instructions. I ended up making my front darts 1 cm smaller to accommodate my large tum. Next, I created my toile. I had bought, very cheaply, in a local fabric shop, some brown sheeting. I decided that not only would I use it to create my test piece, but if all was well it could double-up as the lining for my skirt. It seems usually that skirt linings seem to be made of horrible synthetic polyester or acetate, but why not make a cotton lining? After all, there aren’t any rules about this surely?

The toile worked out fine, I was so surprised that it actually fitted! I am so used to skirts, either being too tight in the waist, or fitting at the waist and having bagginess around the hips.

I decided that just to make life a little more interesting I would make my skirt from silk; I just can’t help giving myself a challenge! I found this lovely silk dupion in brown . It has a lovely shimmer to it…..actually I’m going to call it bronze, makes it sound so much nicer!

SIlk Dupion

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2 thoughts on “I’m sewing a skirt – Part 1

  1. I love that fabric ! Just the sort of thing I would pick for myself. So glad that your custom pattern worked out – of course it fits! I have the same problem with my own skirts because I am a rectangle with little difference between waist and hips, so making your own pattern this way solves the usual problems you will get and the skirt should fit better than any you have ever bought!
    I’m so excited you are using my tutorial and I am looking forward to seeing the finished skirt. Will you let me know when its posted so I can drop over to take a look? Deby at So Sew Easy

    • Thanks Deby. Your tutorial has been easy to follow and I’m looking forward to wearing my first custom-made skirt! The fabric is a little tricky to work with, but so far, so good. Of course, I’ll drop you a line when I’ve finished.

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