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My last shopping trip?

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Yesterday I entered a clothes shop. I can see you all throwing up your hands in horror! Giving in so early on in the New Year! Not likely! The problem is quite simply that I received a voucher for Christmas and I’m not quite sure what to do. I have decided to stop buying clothes, but does spending a Christmas voucher count?

The voucher also made me think about what sort of clothes I can actually make. There are really four categories:

Items that I can make with a reasonable degree of confidence

This might include the pyjama trousers I have started, Skirts would be good to try as well. I’m not afraid of zips, as I’ve put cushions together before.

Items that I can make but need to do some learning first

High on the list here is items that need buttons. So a shirt would be very challenging.

3. Items that I can’t make at the moment as I don’t have the skills

I think anything that involves knitting would be in this category. I tried knotting once some while ago and just got in knots. Perhaps I try it again one day, who knows.

3. Items that I can’t make as I don’t, as yet, have the necessary equipment

This would include making items from knits. I would dearly like to make my own T-shirts, but this will have to wait for an overlocker.

Thinking back to my voucher I think anything I can’t make should be allowed, for the time being. For this I think any jumpers, cardigans and socks. I won’t include t-shirts though, as I can make tops from woven fabrics.

I did take a look around at the clothes. I have to admit that I wasn’t even tempted by anything I saw. I do obsess over buying things made with natural fibres. I fanatically look at all the clothing labels to see whether they are cotton or not. Although most of the time, just the feel of the fabric is enough to tell me what it is made from. This shop seemed to be floor to ceiling polyester. I felt relieved actually that I’d made this choice to start making my own clothes.

After a while I picked out two pairs of (mostly) cotton tights. A good choice as I can imagine myself wearing more skirts than jeans in this new home-made world.


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