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Happy New Year and welcome to my blog!

I’ve thought for a while about starting this blog. Last year I brought my sewing machine down from the wardrobe upstairs where it had been lying untouched for years. I bought myself a pattern and material and just started sewing. My sewing machine hasn’t been back upstairs since.

When I was in my teens I used to sew a fair bit. I liked making things at home and also used a sewing machine at school. Somehow, I managed to absorb some sort of knowledge, but it has been an untapped skill for a long time.

In recent years I have been fairly unhappy with my wardrobe for a whole host of reasons. I find that shopping is a fairly dispiriting experience. Generally I find that I am unlikely to find clothes that fit, and have the style and colour I like. My wardrobe is full of ill-fitting, style mistakes in a huge variety of colours. I’m hardly happy with any of my clothes.

I am also unsettled by the ethics of the fashion industry and, in particular, the modus operandi of the big global names in women’s fashion. A factory in Bangladesh, producing clothes for global giants, collapsed with the deaths of more than 1,100 people in April ( It is an outrage that the safety of their workers can be so disregarded.

Given all this, I made the inevitable choice to turn my back on clothes shopping and embark on making my own clothes.

It took me a little while to decide on the name of this blog. In fact, I couldn’t even decide on  a description for myself; Am a sewer? Spoken it sounds fine, but written down the word reminds me far to much of the disposal of excrement. A sewist? Is this a real word? A dressmaker? Well, that seems to suggest that I’ll be making dresses. I’m not the greatest fan of dresses and I probably won’t be making that many of them. A seamstress?

seamstress or  ( rarely ) sempstress  (ˈsɛmstrɪs, ˈsɛmpstrɪs)

— n

a woman who sews and makes clothes

A good description! I’m calling myself the Steely Steamstress as I’m determined to make this experiment last. Here’s to the next 12 months of creativity!

Author: steelyseamstress

Sewing a new wardrobe

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  1. Your post rang so many familiar bells with me! Good luck with the project and the blog.

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